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"Utopia 2048" shall be a gift to the world.
Therefore, you can download the whole book for free. I equipped it with a so-called Creative Commons license that allows for free copying and sharing. 

If you enjoy the book and want to give something in return, though, you are very welcome to pay-what-feels-right and support my future projects. 

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If you liked my book and want to give something in return, I am very grateful for any financial support. It helps me to realize the sequel novel “Utopia 2049” and a utopian graphic novel I am currently working on.

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My bank account in Germany:
Lino Zeddies
IBAN: DE06 500 310 001 057 658 009
BIC: TRODDEF1 (Triodos Bank)

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My Paypal ID: [email protected]

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Why is it free?

Thoughts on intellectual property
I don’t believe in intellectual property. Yes, the institutions of copyright and patents possibly stimulate research and innovation, but I still don’t think it’s true that anyone can really own words, ideas or a song.
In the same vein, I don’t feel like I own the ideas for this book. They came to me as a gift. Additionally, I am a big fan of flexible pricing models where you can pay-what-feels-right and where no paywall prevents anyone from accessing content.

Creative Commons license

Therefore, I have decided to make the digital version of this book freely available and to equip it with a so-called Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license that allows for free copying and sharing of the text for private and non-commercial purposes with attribution. This book shall be a gift to the world, so feel free to share it with anyone who might enjoy it, too!

Nevertheless, it took me a lot of time and energy to write Utopia 2048 and I can’t pay my rent with my idealism. So, if you enjoyed the read and want to give something back, I am happy about a gift in return in the form of financial donations (or whatever other expression of gratitude seems practical to you).

"Lino Zeddies is the Thomas Morus of the 21st century. In masterful form, he has succeeded in piecing together the mosaic of the future. The utopia described is so convincing that it must become reality."
- Christian Felber, Initiator of the Economy for the Common Good