Lino Alexander Zeddies

Much is going wrong in this world, much injustice and alienation characterize our society.
But I have seen all the small and big solutions that show that another world of deep connection, beauty and possibility is possible. Therefore, I would like to contribute to this change and help "the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible" to blossom.
While dealing with the numerous small and large solutions for the creation of a more beautiful world, the idea for this book came about.

author Lino Alexander Zeddies

Career & Background

I am fascinated by large systemic and economic interrelationships. In the course of a disappointing study of economics I turned to the Network for Pluralist Economics. Further, I got very involved in organizations to reform the monetary system (Monetative and the International Movement for Monetary Reform), because I recognized that the current monetary and financial system generates crises, exploitation and alienation.

At the same time, I realized that the great transformation also requires a lot of personal healing and development as well as new forms of collaboration ("Reinventing Organizations"). After an intensive engagement with these issues, I became a coach, a psychotherapist and an organizational consultant.
My purpose is to inspire people and organizations with future visions of a more beautiful world and support the journey there with empowering impulses, innovative methods and utopian spaces of experience.

Current projects

Recently, together with like-minded people I have founded the organization "Reinventing Society" to inspire individuals, teams and organizations with positive visions of the future and support the path of transformation with innovative methods, empowering experiences and empathic guidance. On our website you find detailed information about our projects, services and approach.
Recently, I have a published a comparable new book "Zukunftsbilder 2045" (in German) with highly realistic visuals of a regenerative future.

The origin of Utopia 2048

The idea for Utopia 2048 came about in July 2019 when I held a workshop on post-growth economics for the BUND Jugend summer camp. After the workshop, I once again had the impression that few people have as comprehensive a vision of a better future as I do and that it would be interesting to put my social utopia on paper. In mid-August, I started writing and the pages just rattled off. To fund the writing, I ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in late November 2019.
The first rough draft (in German) was finished in early March 2020, the final manuscript was completed on April 04, 2020, after almost eight months of writing. Due to the Corona crisis, I wanted to publish the book as soon as possible via self-publishing. The english translation was finished in February 2021.

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