Suggestions for change

Listed below are various ideas on how you can contribute to positive societal transformation. 

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1) Subscribe to positive and solution-oriented news through Good News or the Good News Network.

2) Put your money into an ethical bank and switch to a bank that is member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

3) Eat organic, fair, seasonal and regional food and build a community permaculture garden or join a Community-supported agricultureproject.

4) Learn and disseminate methods of change and attend a seminar on Nonviolent Communication, Dragon Dreaming or Theory U.

5) Enjoy your next trip consciously and slowly. Travel by bus & train, carpool or hitchhike. Take the time for cycling, canoeing, hiking and climbing tours. Experience the country and its people better and more sustainably via Couchsurfing or as a WWOOFer.

6) Support local networks and communities of change and become active in Transition Town.

7) Change your job and work for a social enterprise, an ethical company, an NGO or found something yourself or with others to actively support social transformation with your energy and creativity. You can find jobs with meaning at, for example.

8) Educate yourself about how the monetary system works and question your personal relationship to and dependence on money. Find more information and your local money reform organization at the International Movement for monetary reform.

9) Buy clothing and consumer goods as ecologically, sustainably and fairly as possible.

10) Spend much more time in nature and fall in love with this wonderful planet earth.

11) Read The Power of Feelings: A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Vivian Dittmar and engage in the integration and healing of emotional wounds and traumas.

12) Consume only what you really need. Share and repair instead of buying new stuff.

13) Enjoy your life, sing and dance - change should be fun after all!

14) Give away your financial abundance and donate money to organizations that work for social change.

15) Ride a bike and use public transportation instead of driving a car.

16) Be inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux for more self-organization, purpose and wholeness in the workplace and inform yourself about and experiment with methods from Sociocracy and Art of Hosting and the Systemic Consensus principle.

17) Slow down your life and start meditating. To get started, try the apps Headspace or Insight Timer.

18) Support upgrading democracy in a progressive political movement or party, support the introduction of citizens' councils or join the movement of the Economy for the Common Good.

19) Watch the documentary Earthlings or Cowspiracy and switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

20) Start a community housing project.

21) Switch to green electricity and gas suppliers.

22) Unleash your full potential through attending a powerful self-development seminar.

23) Watch the inspiring documentaries Tomorrow, 2040or The Biggest Little Farmtogether with your loved ones.

24) Give this book away to others who might like it.

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